New Kazimba Class starts Wednesdays from 3rd May 2017. 7-8.15pm

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Ka-Zimba Ngoma

Welcome to Ka-Zimba Ngoma is an African/Caribbean art form that combines martial arts techniques with African dance movements, syncopated rhythms, poetry & acrobatics. By aiming to harmonise the mind, body and soul with the universal energy, this organic style can aid in the expression of "True-Self"

Ka-Zimba Ngoma - Video Introduction

Ka-zimba Classes

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Central to "The Way" of Ka-Zimba Ngoma is to embrace our ancestral heritage through the study & practice of traditional African culture, expression & the primal movements found in the animal kingdom.

The spirit of the young lion in motion

African martial arts

African martial arts have been passed down through many generations: from the powerful Zulu, Ashanti, Fanti people to the ancient kingdoms of Kemit (Egypt), Mali and Ethiopia.Ka-Zimba wanafunzi (students) strive for emotional, physical & spiritual well-being. By studying nature & it's animals, the student seeks to channel negativity through; meditation, positive physical movements, raising self-confidence & building self-esteem.

The fighting dance of the nubian warriors


  • Winchi - Crane
  • Nyoka - Snake
  • Ekun - Tiger
  • Amotekun - Leopard
  • Umbawa - Wing
  • Wanafunzi - Student
  • Tiari - Ready
  • Nje - Outside