Benefits Of Ka-Zimba Ngoma

The greatest benefits of Ka-Zimba Ngoma are to those who practise it diligently. As a cultural art form it develops students physically, emotionally, spiritually and academically.

Emotional benefits

Ka-Zimba can be used to promote positive emotions like happiness and pride and also be used to transform the negative emotions of anger and sadness. Students learn how to channel emotions into the physical movements that they are practicing. With discipline essential to all that we do, students learn how to effectively deal with the frustration and anger that appears to be affecting many young people today. The emotional benefits can also be seen in the raised levels of confidence and self esteem that students develop. Going beyond their comfort zones, executing a series of movements/forms, graduations and certificates are all part of establishing a sense of pride and self-achievement, which in-turn increases levels of confidence, and self esteem.

Physical benefits

With rhythm as the base for all movements students learn how to move their bodies in new and challenging ways. After a consistent period of training students become more supple, agile and flexible due to the “lighter” exercises like stretching, jumping and rhythmic movement. With the “heavier” exercises like, stances, forms and leg and arm techniques students develop key muscles that support the overall strength of their movements. Like all the benefits of practising Ka-Zimba the physical benefits link to other ones. For example on successfully completing one set of movements students feel a great sense of pride, which naturally leads to positive emotional benefits.

Spiritual benefits

The spiritual benefits of Ka-Zimba can be seen when looking at a student’s character and personality. Through the emotional, physical and academic benefits of Ka-Zimba students become more open minded to new ideas and possibilities. Underlying all of these is the development of a deeper level of freedom and expression that is informed by their spiritual development. It is the place for transformation, creativity and exploring the "Unknown"..

Academic benefits

Although physical activity is fundamental to what we do it is not the sum of our practice. We actively encourage students to research particular elements of Ka-Zimba, whether that is from the different animals we express, or the regions in which they are found or to the questions that underpin our society (What is the price of life?). Students are challenged to research and question the way in which they interact with the world around them, from their approach to education to the food that they eat. As part of our practice we aim to develop the essential mental skills that are needed to cope in our ever-demanding society.

Senior Ijakadi Ndugu
Taha Maki Chui & Fisingozi