The Spirt of Loving & Protection of all Nature

Creative Life Force...
The creative live force shows mercy towards all living creatures. In the cosmic scheme, all things receive the creators blessings in equal measure.

Pain is a manifestation of love. For without experiencing pain, we cannot appreciate comfort. If we break natures law, we cannot attain success in any worthy endeavour.

It is of prime importance for each individual to discipline themselves so that they receive nature’s blessings with gratitude and perceive the relative value of each blessing as it is received.

Ka-Zimba Ngoma na Ijakadi na Lliama Chia training is based on love. One who seeks to improve oneself, caring naught about anyone else will never become adept in Ijakadi, but one who seeks to help others polish their own art will experience the natural flow of Love & empathy that is created through this type of mutual exchange, our core foundation. Ka-Zimba Ngoma begins and ends with... Gratitude (Shukrani)and Respect (Hashima)........ Mfundishi Hamzah & Equiano

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