Wanafunzi writings - B.L.Crisp

The Poetry of Ka-Zimba

One ~ Moja ~ Auset

I am a lion cub
evolving with mother Earth,
as I grow into my character
I begin to express myself freely

I am a lion cub
learning how to move with sporadic purpose
I evade rather than hurt
but I stand ready to protect life

Two ~ Mbili ~ Sebek

We fire dance with ekun
my brothers, sisters, and I
we sync ourselves to the ethereal beat
harmony envelopes us
our movements like water
but our minds as still as a mountain
Ija kadi ah, ija kadi oh

Three ~ Tatu ~ Het-heru

Together we sing for unification
in unison we move with respect, hashima
eyes closed, we trust in each other
friendly, chaotic, yet fluid waves
together we sing for liberation
I and I sending out vibrations
we open up the door to our cosmos
in a circle we touch djembe and cow bells

Four ~ Nne ~ Heru

We return to you, our mother Earth
we dedicate our thoughts to the elements
we embrace nature, and explore the universe
we harmonise with humankind, and learn from animals
we transcend to pure love through darkness and light
we all the trees and water to balance our souls
we welcome the sunset to bathe us, the moonlight to cleanse us
and the stars to solidify us
we see beyond colour and form
we return to you our mother Earth
we return to each other
we return

Five ~ Tano ~ Heru Khuti

A meteor lighting up the sky
its glow a blazing red, orange, and blue
Earthing begins tonight as I welcome myself
I shadow dance with lions and monkies
I meditate with bated breath
my curiosity for life expands my dimension
moja, mbili, tatu, nne, tano, sita, saba, nane, tisa, kumi..
we count rejuvenating our souls
the drums sound and we move

Six ~ Sita ~ Maat

Punch, kick, stretch
the ground beneath us sweats
carefully moving around
adding new dynamic footsteps
changing partners in due time
we learn to evolve and adapt
in a triangle we sit on invisible chairs
as we move true to our form
kiboko na linda, ju acha linda

Seven ~ Saba ~ Seker

Energy that had ebbed
returned with new life

Eight ~ Nane ~ Tehuti

what is that?
know thy self, become I
empty yourself from yourself
self-discipline, self journey
a harmonious journey through yourself
brings out understanding, honesty, and love
seize the moment
seize the opportunity
and let your imagination unbound you

~ Nine ~ Ten ~ and You.


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