Keeping fit with Ka-Zimba

Are you interested in keeping fit through dance whilst learning an alternative Martial Art?

Ka-Zimba Ngoma is a unique combination of Dance and Martial Arts. Ka-Zimba uses, live drumming, cultural rhythms, African centered songs and traditional movements found in African dance.

Students (Wanafunzi) are encouraged to use dance to enhance flexibility, co-ordination, speed and rhythmic expression. The dance can take you in and out of danger without losing your flow. Particular movements, once mastered, can give the student greater freedom in the ultimate aim of the fullest expression of Self.

Winchi - The spirit Dance
One of the aspects of Winchi is the `Spirit Dance` To do this students would be taken through a series of rotating, transformative movements and gestures that encourage the body to become light and transient.

To find out more please contact us or come along to one of our classes.

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