New Kazimba Class starts Wednesdays from 3rd May 2017. 7-8.15pm

@St Andrews Church, Brockley rd SE4 2SA…

£5 weekly drop-in £3 concs/members

Greetings Ka-Zimba family! By the power and guidance of the Creator we are delighted to bring you a new class in `Ka-Zimba Ngoma (Ijakadi Tenia Dudu ` – The Fighting Arts of Nubian People)

We are very honoured to be collaborating with Baba Ayo Omoagbametala from ‘Wamikampt’ who will be balancing the session with Yoruba Language, Cosmology and Nutritional Health.
This is a very auspicious time for us to be beginning again and we welcome you to join us on this Mind, Spirit, Body and Soul journey.

For those who don`t know…. What is Ka-Zimba Ngoma?
Ka-Zimba Ngoma is an Afrikan/Caribbean Ijakadi(Martial art) comprised of dance like forms, dynamic, often acrobatic movements and a visual display of coordination, intention and a full expression of self. Ka-Zimba Ngoma, allows us to explore the primary movements and instincts of humans and animals alike and incorporate this with live African drumming, song, oratory skills and percussion.
The main aim of our practice is for the students to learn to embrace and express, their true nature and embody spontaneous complementary movements as a response to a partners form… Witness here an art form that is an active application of the principles of mind body and spirit acting in harmony with the will of the student and in dynamic exchange with the (opponent).
Ka-Zimba Ngoma was re-birthed in this country by our two Mfundishi (Grandmasters) Hamzah Muhammed & Equiano Chatawa in 1977.

Sending you all acres of full health and abundant vitality...

Ndugu Fisingozi (Asafo)

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